Registration Fees

Payment Policies & Procedures

Please read carefully

MSA  finds that it is spending five or more months collecting tens of  thousands of registration dollars from attendees. We are too small to  accommodate the effort required. So, we appreciate your understanding  our adopting the policies below.


  1. Payment must be received prior to the start of the conference.
  2. When checking in at the conference registration table,  provide a purchase order and a credit card. The credit card will be  charged, after notifying the attendee, 30 days from the end of the  conference if payment has not been received.

MSA provides a guaranteed head count to hotels 2 weeks in advance of the  conference. Therefore, no cancellation refund will be provided within 2  weeks of the conference start. If the registrant has not yet submitted  payment and has canceled within the 2-week period, payment will still be  due.

If cancellation occurs prior to 2 weeks before the conference, a $150 administrative fee will be assessed.

All cancellation requests must be submitted via email to


Please mail all checks to:
Magnet Schools of America | P.O. Box 45739 | Baltimore, MD 21297-5739

All registrations with purchase orders (PO): please email a copy of the document to or fax to 202-737-0100 within 10 business days of registering.
Credit Card payments may be processed online during the registration process.

Onsite payments and purchase orders may be accepted at Onsite  Registration with a credit card guarantee. Only cash, credit/debit card  or corporate/district pre-printed checks will be accepted.